Chemical Bonding for Jee/Neet

Chemical Bonding for Jee/Neet. The term chemical bond is used to refer to the union that exists between two atoms (which may be similar or different) to form a molecule. Atoms are made up of an atomic nucleus as well as surrounded by electrons (which have a negative electric charge).

Chemical Bonding for Jee/Neet

In a chemical bond, there is participation between the electrons that make up the atoms, because it is through them that the bonds are united, in chemical terms it is called.

That it is the transfer of electrons between atoms, is the phenomenon that occurs in chemical bonds.

In the world we live in, only noble gases and metals naturally exist as isolated atoms in the vapor state.

i.e. single atoms, which do not unite to form a molecule, so it can be said that most of the elements in existence are formed by chemical bonds, which are formed to achieve chemical stability.

Bonds are formed as a result of the movement present between the valence electrons of an atom, which are the electrons that are in the outermost shell, i.e. of the last energy level.

In most cases, the objective is to have eight electrons to be stable in this final cloud (trying to mimic its structure, which resembles the closest noble gas as close as possible to them).

Since the nature of each atom is different, there are also different types of chemical bonds, which are: Ionic bonds, this type of bond is about giving or receiving electrons, it can be one or more.

When electrons are transferred, the atom is positively charged (called a cation ion) and when it gains electrons.

So the more the negative charge of the atom (it is called an ion), the phenomenon in this type of bond is that ions opposite charges attract each other.

On the other hand, covalent bonding occurs, which occurs when atoms share electrons with each other and the electronegativity difference between them is minimal.

And metal bonds and bonds are through hydrogen bonds.


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